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"I love seeing my clients happy and feeling beautiful in their own skin!"  

Ever since I was a little girl, I was the one that did everyone’s hair, makeup and eyebrows. It was as if I was born with a hairbrush, highlighting stick and tweezers in my hand!  After leaving my roots in New York as a dancer and artist, my free spirited self went to South Florida to pursue a new career while also being a mom of two beautiful kids. Life has a way of preparing you, from one closed door (closing a business), to the wide open window of your soul; which for me, was my passion for beauty.

I am a firm believer in energy, and lucky for me I have always known people in the industry and thankfully was referred by a stylist friend to my first fashion client, ELAN. Since the very beginning I hit it off in the fashion and production industry which is where I found my calling for skin (I am known to be a little obsessed, in a good way, I think). This obsession lead me to pursue my career as an esthetician.

Our skin is our largest organ in our body and we typically take such little care of it. Taking care of my skin is like exercise to me, if we don’t strengthen the muscles, they shrink and the same is with our face and our skin starts to sag. Everything I do for my clients, I do for myself and see the results. I want everyone to experience the joy of looking at themselves with love in their eyes!

In addition to skincare and makeup, I also specialize in microblading eyebrows and scalp micropigmentation. I have no words to express my gratitude for the balding men and women who trust me to work on their scalps to give them the appearance of natural looking hair in places where it once was.

I currently work alongside Dr. Adherbal “Herb” De Souza Neto at his medical spa in Fort Lauderdale and with many elite fashion and production companies. My passion for hair and make are still strong, what can I say, I am a little hustler!

My goal is to grow and evolve as an esthetician and be your beauty guru, “gu” means dark and “ru” means light in Sanskrit. My hope is that I can be your guide from the dark and dirty beauty secrets to the lightest and brightest ones that WORK and make you GLOW from inside and out.

Good Vibes All Around You Always,
Roe, MUA


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